Into the depths of sorrow I go,

Feeling that depressions wing shall crush me.

Only does the light of Truth whisper, "But not alone,"

When my hearts burden would strain to shatter.


If I, a weary traveler upon the pages of time,

Had no consolation in the hope of eternal life,

What dreariness life would be, what burdens

Would triumph to overtake me.

Then comes into my torn heart the sweet refrain,

"But not alone."


"But not alone," the joyous song the angels sing,

To know that God is with me, if I but set

My heart, my life, my hope in Him. Could I

Ask for more? Could I find more?

And He raises me from depths of sorrow,

To heights of joy, and love, and sweet sweet peace;

How wonderful He is, to make me,

"But not alone." 


David L. Odom

Nov. 21, 1984


Orion Subaru