I need your help, for I am weak,

A mere mortal on life's busy street.

Can you rebuke me with an arm around me,

And show me the way most tenderly?

For you see, I am a very delicate creation,

With many emotions and strugglings within.

Can you help me?


Will you warn me, that I may be right?

Not in anger, or irritation; not in criticism, or might,

Not in condemnation, nor a desire to hurt,

But in love, the most precious gift from above.

For you see, I was made in His likeness,

And His likeness I must strive to be.

Can you help me?


Yes, you can help me, to be as strong as I can be,

By giving me a good example to follow down life's path.

For this is the Master's way, this is the Master's plan,

To imitate all that is good that's found in the Saviour's hand.

For you see, He gave His life, He took our sins,

He came forth from the grave for you and me,

That we might glorify Him, and caring, helpful, loving servants be.

Please help me.


David L. Odom

Oct. 26, 1984


God's Beautiful Creation