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The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

Psalms 19:1

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stPalomar 12staEarth at Night

*The Milky Way in which we live

*Comparative sizes of our Planets

*Large Supernova1987Large Black Widow Galaxy

*Cigar GalaxyCassiopeiaSombrero GalaxyCrab NebulaCart Wheel Galaxy

*Ngc5128Blinking Eye Nebuladso131

*Halley across Milky WayJupiter FamilyISPN Comet Halley

*Tarantula NebulaIo of JupiterMarsN159NGC3603

*NGC4603Fragmenting GalaxyCallisto EnhancedStar Forming Region

*Center of Dumbbell NebulaStarlight ReflectionsDonut Shaped Nebula

SOHO Comet & Orion NebBarred Spiral GalaxyButterfly Nebula

*A Grand DesignJupiter's Moon-IOLagoon Nebula 3

*A Planet For GlieseDoomed StarHale-Bopp CometOrion IRAS

*Meteor Milky WaySupernova Star Field2ButterflyCluster

*5 Galaxy ClusterMerging GalaxyPegasusSupernova

*Beautiful StarThe SunHorsehead Nebula 2Dark Nebula

*Vela Supernova RemnantTrifid NebulaEagle Nebula

*Reflection Nebula in OrionKeyhole NebulaGalaxy 253

*Helix NebulaEmission NebulaOmega NebulaFlame Nebula

*N1976 NebulaRing Nebula 2Planetary Nebula

*Lagoon Nebula 2Galaxy 220Gaseous PillarsNebula around Star

*Nebula 3132Star-Birth CloudsDistant Galaxies

*Galaxy M65Northern CrossNearby GalaxySaturnStrange Galaxy

*M101 UltravioletNgc 1818Southern CrossOmega Nebula2

*Jupiter's RedspotNeptuneOmega Nebula Composite

*Saturn FamilySaturn RingsTitan/Mv

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How could anyone believe that all of this happened by