Let 'US' make man in 'OUR' image

GENESIS 1:26,27

Notice very carefully that God here talks about creating man in 'Our' image! He uses the plural sense in speaking about Himself! Then, in the very next verse, we read; "And God created man in 'His' own image..."

The answer to this query is that there is more than one being involved in the Godhead that we read about in the inspired Word of God! As you study your Bible more, you will find that there are in fact three beings that make up the Deity that created this vast Universe in which we exist. These three beings are referred to as the Father, the Son; Jesus Christ the Word, and the Holy Spirit.

You may be wondering what the 'image' is that we are created in, that is like the Creator? Well, since God is not flesh and blood, that leaves the inward man, our immortal spirit that God has created within this fleshly body we dwell in while here upon this earth. Our spirit will live forever, either in heaven with the Creator, or in that place called Hell, which was prepared for the devil and his angels.


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