5.     On the other hand, we can choose to believe that mind (intelligence) has always existed, that which the Bible calls "God". This God then, would have created this Universe and us! The Bible would be the Creator's inspired Word as it proclaims, given to mankind to follow while here upon this earth that we might please Him and do His will so we could ultimately be with Him in Heaven! Revelation 2:10 & II Timothy 4:7,8 Now as you can see, this pill is much smaller and more logical to swallow than the OTHER pill of faith! WHICH WILL YOU TAKE?

6.     Some say these two faiths are really one! They say that there is a Creator, but that He just started everything, and then allowed "Darwinian" evolution to take place! This is called "Theistic Evolution". But is that possible? No, because you would have to change God's Word to become purely symbolical, especially in Genesis one and two!

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