Lesson 1a

The book of Acts is one of the most interesting books in the New Testament because here we see the unfolding of the glorious kingdom that the Messiah had talked about while He walked upon the face of His earth! A kingdom that would stand forever, which man could not destroy! That kingdom was established as Jesus foretold, on the day of Pentecost, as is recorded in the second chapter of this wonderful Book.

Now, open your Bible and start a fantastic journey!


(V. 1)

1.    Who wrote the book of Acts under inspiration? (See Luke 1:1-4)

(Vs. 2-4)

2.    Jesus charged the ____________ not to depart from Jerusalem.

(V. 4)

3.    They were to wait in Jerusalem for: (a) Jesus Himself, (b) John the baptizer, (c) the promise of the Father.

(Vs. 4,5)

4.    The prophecy that Jesus stated about the baptism of the Holy Spirit was concerning (a) all christians, (b) the apostles, (c) all Jews, (d) all Gentiles.

(Vs. 3-6)

5.    As Jesus was speaking the things concerning the ___________ to the apostles, they asked Him if He was going to restore the _________________ to Israel.

(V. 8)

6.  The apostles would receive: (a) money, (b) power, (c) fame, when the Holy Spirit came upon them.

7. When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles with power, the _______________ was come (established)(See Mark 9:1).

     8. This kingdom which was set up is:

(a)            spiritual in nature

(b)            physical in nature

(c)            neither    (See John 18:36)

9. T - F    The terms, 'kingdom' and 'church are used interchangeably in the New Testament  (See Matthew 16:18,19; Colossians 1:13-18).

10. When did the Holy Spirit come upon the apostles, and thus the kingdom was established?     __________________________________________________________________ (See Acts 2:1)

11. The gospel would begin at _______________, and spread in all_____________

and _________________ and unto the ___________________ part of the earth.

12. T - F   The gospel of Christ was not preached in all creation (to every creature) under heaven before the end of the first century (See Col. 1:23).

13.The apostles could be Christ's witnesses because they had been with Him from  the ______________________________________________  (See John 15:26,27)

14. Can people witness today for Christ like the apostles did?  YES | NO