When we are so sure of ourselves that we will never do something wrong, we are setting ourselves up for a fall! I can speak from experience on this! One of our problems in this area is that we don't realize just how sin can gain control over us if we give in to our temptations.

When we are determined to do right, that is good! But When we get cocky and say that WE would NEVER do that, we show our ignorance to the reality that we are humans, and we can actually stoop to any sin that man can commit! True, we may have been taught well enough that we would probably never commit murder, or do any of the horrendous acts against man and God that we read about almost on a daily basis! But we need to be certain that satan doesn't deceive us into thinking we are exempt from certain sins!

I guess the best Bible example is the apostle Peter. Peter was a very strong willed person who loved his God and his Saviour Jesus Christ! You can see his zeal many times as he followed Jesus in His public ministry. But you can also see where he followed his emotions about what he would or wouldn't do in certain circumstances!