This is perhaps the most important reality to be pursued in our quest to be well pleasing in the sight of our Creator! Notice that we have to "receive the Word", and it must be "with all readiness"! In other words, we need to be desirous of finding what God says on any given matter when it comes to our souls salvation! And that means rejecting all things we have been taught previously that contradicts with the Word of God! Also notice that those people "examined the Scriptures DAILY" in Acts 17:11! But if we allow the devil to fill our lives with OTHER things to do, will we ever have time to do this? NO!

How long will you give to this web site, and studying your Bible on these subjects? It is up to you. YOU have the power to do as the Bereans did and be strongly interested in finding out if these things I am presenting to you from God's Word are indeed accurate and true, according to God's Truth.


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