I.            AUTHORITY IN RELIGION

A.   Definition of AUTHORITY: "Legal or rightful power, dominion, a right to command." (Webster)

1.     W. E. Vine's, "An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words", under 'Authority': EXOUSIA denotes authority (from the impersonal verb exesti, "it is lawful")...the power of authority, the right to exercise power...the power of rule or government, the power of one whose will and commands must be obeyed by others.

2.     We all understand that there must be authority in all realms of life:

     The community

     The schools

        The home 

a. Think of the confusion that would take place if we had no standards of authority in areas such as:

     Quality in food and drugs

     Monetary value

     Weights and measures


        Traffic movement  

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