In this short life I have been placed

To fear my God and keep His ways.

He gives me all things to enjoy;

All good things which He employs.

To put Him first is my highest aim;

But to fall short brings deepest shame.

I love my God and He loves me;

Where else can be found such serenity?


Now to live for God means to live for man;

And I must show him the way to heav'n.

My life must be so clean and pure;

That all may see Jesus in my demure.

To teach His pure and simple Word;

Which, when obeyed, brings joy unfurled.

And peace that understanding escapes; 

Will guard my heart and thoughts each day.


But what if I should a stumblingblock be;

For a soul to be lost because of me?

Yes, that dear soul for which Christ died;

And I destroy because of pride?

Do I, in this life, for selfishness live?

Then I, dear Lord, have completely forbid.

"Deny thyself," He said to me;

Can I but whisper, "no" to He?


A godly conscience I pray to have;

Void of offense toward God and man.

But I must walk within the light;

And say "NO" to sin in all its delight.

With the help of God I will rejoice;

To see His will done in my every choice.

Help me O Lord, to apply Thy Word;

That I may not stumble, and become a scourge. 

David L. Odom

April 18, 1984

Cat's Eye Nebula