Verse by Verse


In this section I would like to study the Bible with you on a verse by verse approach. It is important to understand the context of Gods Word because many people today take Scriptures out of their context and teach false doctrine! That is why we have so many different beliefs in the world today that claim to be taught in the Bible!

Unfortunately by teaching all different kinds of religious beliefs from God's Holy Word, we make God to seem to contradict Himself, which is actually impossible, because God is not the author of confusion (I Corinthians 14:33).

We will try to hit the main points in the verses with the context. I don't intend to discuss every point in each Scripture, as I could never get it done in this database! But I will try to discuss what I believe to be important in our efforts to try and please our Creator that we may be found faithful and be able to enter into heaven that we may serve Him forever and ever!

I will be adding to these Scriptural studies as time permits, and will try to have some comments in each book listed. Although I dearly love studying the Old Testament, due to lack of space in this web page, I will center on the New Testament, which Law we are under today.

Happy Studying!


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