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Microsoft Access Database development and sales

David L. Odom, developer


            If you are looking for someone to build you a MS Access Database at low cost, you may have come to the right place! I work part time as an Access developer. I only charge $70.00 per hour. Whatever I create for you, it is completely open for you to do anything you like within the database. I can also shut it down with various levels of security if you need it. My databases are completely made to order for my clients. Your wish is my command when it comes to your database specifications. If I cannot produce what you want and need, you will not be charged for that work!


            I can develop either personal databases, or business databases. I have worked in a hospital environment for nine years. I have developed approximately 27 Access databases in that environment. My most recent development was for a Wellness Exercise Program, and also an Occupational Medicine clinic, dealing with information for Return to Work forms. I can offer those databases for purchase to any interested. I will present them below. My largest project to date was a surgery procedure card (pick card) for the Surgery department.


            Please contact me if I can be of service.



            David L. Odom

            Saint Joseph, Missouri

            (816) 262-9937 cell

Completed Databases for Purchase




             1. Surgery and Sterile Processing databases HTML

             2. Personal reference from Surgery Support Manager



I also have a newly completed database for Wellness (Health Management) that includes many tools for Exercise programs.

I will have the presentations available in the future, or you may contact me concerning this and other applications listed below that I have available.

1. Smoking Cessation Database
2. Time Tracking Database
3. Return To Work Database (Occupational Medicine)
4. Medical Library Statistics Database
5. Communication Statistics Database
6. Sales Database
7. Inventory Look up Database
8. Contracts Database
9. Variance Analysis Database
10. Youth Health Database
11. Care Management Database
12. Bivaliradin Calculations Database
13. AntiPsyMedTrack