When you stand before the Judgment-seat of Christ in the last days, will you be able to give Bible authority for all that you have done religiously upon this earth?

Remember, we can only walk by faith: II CORINTHIANS 5:7. Our faith can only come by hearing the true Word of God, The Faith: ROMANS 10:17; ACTS 6:7. We MUST be "true worshippers": JOHN 4:23,24.

Dear Bible student, we have been put here upon this earth to obey our Creator: ECCLESIASTES 12:13,14. Only those individuals of accountability who properly obey Christ and are faithful unto death will receive eternal salvation: HEBREWS 5:8.9; REVELATION 2:10; I CORINTHIANS 9:23-27.

Will you search your soul and allow God's inspired Word to be your COMPLETE authority in religion? Don't allow yourself, your parents, a preacher, or anyone else on earth, to sway you from following the Truth, for no person or thing is inspired today on this earth other than the Word of God!

The Word of God WILL accomplish what God has intended it to:

ISAIAH 55:6-11

II TIMOTHY 3:16,17; I PETER 1:22-25

And you CAN learn to "...speak as the oracles of God" I PETER 4:11

Dear Bible student, I encourage you to follow only Jesus Christ by obeying His will and His will only! May God richly bless you in your endeavor to follow only His Will, His authority, thus giving Him ALL the glory and honor, who most greatly deserves all praise and glory and honor from us forever and ever, amen.

David L. Odom

 Hyakutake Comet