If we were created by an all powerful God who has existed forever, without any beginning or ending, and He being all powerful and all knowing, do you think He would create us in His image and then leave us down here on the earth without any instruction on how to please Him and do His will? Think about it!

If I am going to have faith in a supreme Deity existing forever instead of believing that dead senseless matter has existed forever, I am certainly going to believe that this Deity has made available for us a way back to Him, and that He has the power to keep that way pure and unadulterated from the evil schemes of wicked men to change it and destroy it so that we can no longer find His Truth to obey it!

I propose to you that the link between our Creator and ourselves is the book of books called THE BIBLE. Within its pages is given to us the great communication of the Creator of the Universe, that we might be guided through this life properly by Him, and in the end, be with Him forever in His abode, Heaven!

The Bible is a beautiful masterpiece of the account of the creation, the fall and the redemption of mankind. The main theme is seen throughout the entire Bible; the Messiah, Jesus Christ, bringing man back to God the Father through His sacrifice, coupled with the obedience of man.

The Old Testament is so wonderfully woven into the New Testament that the prophecies and types of the Old are fulfilled in the New, therefore,

1. The fulfillment of prophecy shows the Bible to be Divine:

II Peter 1:20,21

  1. Many Old Testament prophecies and fulfillment revolve around Jesus Christ: Luke 24:44.
  2. Notice what Jehovah told Moses in Deuteronomy 8:18,19.
  3. The fulfillment is referred to in Acts 3:18-26.
  4. Isaiah's prophecies and fulfillment: Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:22,23. Isaiah 53:1-9; Luke 18:31-33; Matthew 8:14-17

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